The other day I danced. It made me wonder. Why did I quit dancing? Growing up I lived to dance. I took jazz, ballet, tap and modern dance. I taught myself what I could from MTv. (Anyone remember MTv) In the talent portion of the beauty contests I entered, my talent was always dance. In school I formed a dance club where my friends and I would take turns dancing or make up dances together. It was my goal in life at that time to be on Star Search. (Anyone remember that show). Here’s the thing, I am not a great dancer. I never have been, mainly because I just wanted to dance. I didn’t want a strictly choreographed routine. I didn’t want to know what move I was going to make next. I just wanted to do whatever I felt like doing in that second. Then I just quit and never danced again. Not for any dramatic reason. I am sure I just grew up and really what need does an adult have to just randomly break out in dance?

Dancing Quotes (1)

This is not how I dance.

Ever since my reintroduction to dance I have added it to my morning workout. I have been dancing to three songs before doing the rest of my workout and my yoga, and I have to say, I love it. I have had so much energy. It makes my day start off feeling happy. Why do we quit doing the things that make us happy? Why do we keep doing the things that make us miserable? I have even decided to go to the free dance classes they offer at my daughter’s school. The classes are jitter-bugging and ballroom dance, but I figure it will still be fun. I have actually been secretly wanting to  go since the classes started. I just never did.


This is how I dance.


2 thoughts on “Dance…Dance…Mania…

  1. Harlon says:

    We seem to be very much on the same page 🙂
    Why do we quit doing the things we make happy?
    Today is International Happiness Day, so happy Happiness day and keep rediscovering joy in your life. I am on your side 🙂 Harlon


  2. Beverly Dame says:

    Reblogged this on The Rhubarb Jungle and commented:
    A kindred spirit. Why do we stop doing the things that give us joy? Dance on….


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